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EuroEAP 2024

Twelfth international Conference on
Soft Transducers and Electromechanically Active Polymers

Stuttgart, Germany
11-13 June 2024

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Stuttgart—capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Swabian metropolis—offers highlights for technology fans, culture enthusiasts, and architecture lovers. This is where the automobile was invented, and where two great automobile producers—Mercedes-Benz and Porsche—have their headquarters and present their fascinating museums. Even beyond the automobile industry, the Stuttgart region is one of the most dynamic and innovative regions of Europe; internationally known companies such as Bosch, Festo, and Stihl have their headquarters here and the region hosts multiple universities     and research institutes, namely Max Planck Institutes     and Fraunhofer Institutes.

Stuttgart also benefits from the truly diverse cultural background of its residents: people from 170 countries are represented in the region. They all contribute to the region's innovation, efficiency and cultural richness.

Discover Stuttgart's exciting culture. The award-winning Staatstheater Stuttgart enthralls audiences from far and wide with opera, ballet, and theater. Works by world-famous artists fill the outstanding museums. Architectural history was made here with the construction of the Weissenhof Estate by Le Corbusier and his circle of Bauhaus pioneers.

Stuttgart is a city of contrasts and surprises: Traditional Swabian culture combined with international flair, vibrant urban life next to vineyards stretching into the heart of town, and visionary architecture next to baroque palaces. In Stuttgart tradition and modernity go hand in hand.


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This year there is a satellite event to the EuroEAP 2024 conference: SOFTWEAR Days 2024. There will be an oral session also open to all EuroEAP participants, free of charge, on Thursday 13th of June in the afternoon at the same venue and room as the EuroEAP 2024. Oral presentations will be given by the SOFTWEAR PhD students presenting their research.