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  • Possibility to participate and contribute to working groups and activities related to emerging topics of scientific, technological and/or industrial relevance in the EAP field;
  • Being part of the largest international scientific and industrial Association in the EAP field;
  • Facilitated networking with experts and professionals in the EAP field, and easier access to the most recent developments;
  • Reduction on the registration fees for the annual EuroEAP Conference;
  • Discount on the purchase of the EuroEAP Conference proceedings;
  • Possibility to apply to annual calls for short term scientific missions grants offered by the Society to foster or strengthen collaborations with any institution in any country of any continent;
  • Possibility to participate to the annual Society Challenge;
  • Possibility to disseminate your work via the broad EuroEAP emailing list;
  • Possibility to participate to working groups on topics of scientific, technological and industrial relevance in the EAP field;
  • Being a member of the General Assembly of the EuroEAP Society, with voting rights and eligibility to its Organs and Committees.

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To become a EuroEAP Society Member, you can subscribe from your EuroEAP Personal Area.