EuroEAP Platform

EuroEAP – European Society for Electromechanically Active Polymer Transducers & Artificial Muscles

About us

The EuroEAP Society is a non-profit Association, whose main purpose is to contribute to and promote the scientific and technological advancement and the diffusion of Transducers and Artificial Muscles based on Electromechanically Active Polymers (EAP).

Although the Association has a primary focus on Europe, it operates at international level and it welcomes members from any country worldwide.

The Association pursues solely not-for-profit activities according to the status of a non-profit Association defined by the Swiss Civil Code.

The specific objectives of the Association include:
a) creation of an operative platform and a coherent framework to exchange knowledge and information, stimulate and promote new ideas, and facilitate collaboration among research institutes and companies;
b) classification, organization and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge;
c) standardisation of methods, techniques and processes;
d) scientific and technical training, formation, education, and dissemination in the field;
e) creation of an interface with National and European institutions, funding agencies, opinion formers and research-policy decision makers, normalisation and standardisation bodies;
f) establishment of a link to the European industry and investors, so as to stimulate industrial development, application and commercial exploitation of the EAP technologies site.

New members from any country worldwide are always welcome:
for information, select from the left-hand menu the item ‘Become a member’.